aspect (plural: aspects)

  1. the way something appears when viewed from a particular direction

6 letters in word "aspect": A C E P S T.

Anagrams of aspect:

Words found within aspect:

ace aces act acts ae aesc ape apes apse apt apts as asp at ate ates cap cape capes caps case cast caste cat cate cates cats ceas cep ceps cesta ea eas east eat eats epact es est et eta etas pa pac pace paces pacs pact pacts pas pase past paste pat pate pates pats pe pea peas peat peats pec pecs pes pest pet pets pst sac sae sap sat sate scape scat sceat sea seat sec sect sept septa set seta spa space spae spat spate speat spec spet st stap step ta tace taces tae taes tap tape tapes taps tas te tea teas tepa tepas tes